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In order to promote intermodality, create infrastructure to promote the use of bicycles and encourage more people to cycle, Instituto Aromeiazero, in partnership with Ciclocidade and sponsored by Itaú Unibanco, develops the project “More Bicicletários”, which proposes to build a new bicycle parking near a high-capacity station in an area with high levels of vulnerability, on the edge of the city of São Paulo.

current phase


Bike racks must be accessible and São Paulo needs to advance in public policies to serve the population and also the legislation that governs the theme. How to manage such important spaces in a sustainable way is an important question in this process.

The Mais Bicicletário project seeks this answer and the launch of the 2022 report (in Portuguese) contributes to this debate. The material contextualizes the articulation made by Aromeiazero in potential territories of the capital of São Paulo to receive a new bicycle parking, and explains the importance of these structures for cities.

In this sense, combining services and finding solutions from the territory is the path that Aro is helping to trace in this new phase of the project. The last phase completed, in 2022, was "Mobilization and Activation", and featured events in Cidade Tiradentes, a cycle of online debates on the subject and the opening of a public notice, which selected Bike Zona Sul to develop a set of debate content on safe bicycle parking.

Several dialogues were also held with public agents and managers of bicycle parking that are part of our strategy and that have even contributed to the return of the Metalúrgicos Cycle lane in Cidade Tiradentes, for which work began this month.

We invite you to download the Mais Bicicletário report in Portuguese for free. The material will help you understand more about the challenges and solutions that orbit this very important topic.

debate cycle

The meetings took place online, with live transmission on YouTube, Facebook and Linkedin from Aromeiazero, with the participation of transport professionals, members of peripheral collectives, managers and researchers who sat at the table to exchange experiences and highlight the challenges to build a more effective bicycle parking policy. 🗣

ct no pedal

Largest housing complex in Latin America and with a vital internal dynamic from its diversity of shops, services, parks and cultural centers, Cidade Tiradentes is a district with great potential for bicycle use.

In this context, Instituto Aromeiazero, with the sponsorship of Itaú Unibanco, has carried out since 2018 in Cidade Tiradentes, a series of actions to strengthen the use of bicycles in the territory.

As part of the planning to encourage the use of this system, improve the infrastructure for bicycles and increase conditions for more women to pedal, an intervention was carried out that included an open class in basic bicycle mechanics and a workshop to teach women to pedal. In addition, there was a bicycle ride asking to return to the cycle lane on Av. dos Metalúrgicos, unique in the district and which was withdrawn in 2019, with a promise to return.

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